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Upload your meeting video, or send us a link

Upload the audio or video recording of your meeting, interview, or presentation. Or send us a link.

Provide names of people, products, and companies referenced

Provide us a little information, like names of people, products, and companies mentioned.

We transcribe your recording in 24 hours or less.

Your transcript arrives – with screenshots, time stamps, and speaker attributions – as an attached Word Document.


Sample meeting transcription


Search within or across transcripts, for exact match or wild card

Full Transcript

Search within or across transcripts

Find exact match or use wild cards

Screenshots every two minutes provide context and make if easy and fast to browse a meeting

Screenshots every 2 minutes provide context

Browse for a particular detail, quickly and easily

Scan through an entire meeting in minutes

Time stamps every 2 minutes

Time stamp every 2 minutes

Jump directly to the point of interest in the recording

Review meeting exactly as it occurred, full nuance and context

Integrate transcripts with your systems and workflow

Integrate with CRM, project management & document management systems

Leverage in proposals, plans, and reports

Create detailed and actionable minutes and follow-ups


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The Online Meeting Success Checklist

The Online Meeting Success Checklist

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