How to Avoid the Number One Meeting Killer

We’ve all been in a meeting that grinds to a halt as the next presenter realizes the latest version of his presentation isn’t on his USB stick, he can’t access critical data on the network, or the presentation PC doesn’t have the necessary software to view that data. Learn how to avoid this productivity killer by using a tool that you’re already using – WebEx, GoToMeeting, or your web meeting software of choice.

Learn how to effectively have multiple presenters without disrupting the flow or focus of the meeting, how to ensure access to critical resources that need to be discussed with local and remote attendees, and how to product an excellent recording of the meeting. Your meetings will be more effective and your team will be more productive.

Then visit to create a full transcript with screenshots, time stamps, and speaker attributions in 24 hours or less. Perfect for creating detailed meeting minutes and action plans, integrating with your CRM or project management system, and using direct quotes in proposals, marketing materials, and other documents.

The Online Meeting Success Checklist

The Online Meeting Success Checklist

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